C.A.R.E Values Blog, Week 8-9, term 3

My goal is to develop the consistent use of our CARE Values towards all the people I interact with and for myself .

  • My strengths are being in a collaborative classroom because I enjoy learning with classmates that I don't know very much and don't play with .
  • I have achieved my Bronze certificate.
  • I have almost achieved my Silver certificate

  • I am going to work towards silver  Because I can work towards being a better person on the way.

Integrated Learning Presentation

I have presented my narrative using…
Puppet pals.

I worked with… Dishti:)

My narrative showed empathy by... Bob helping the griffin and caring him to safety.

The thing I enjoyed most about this learning was…
Getting to know a little bit about a classmate.

Something I learnt about Myths and Legends was...
That myths and legends might be true.

Art Attack Blog, Week 5, term 3


For art attack my goal was to produce a piece of art related to our local landscape using either paint, water colour or pastel

With Mrs Marsh I learned about foreground, mid ground and background in landscapes.
With Mr Forman I learned about colour and complementary colours.
With Mr Rule I looked at the different landscape features of Canterbury and Banks Peninsula.

I learned With Mrs how to use the foreground mid ground background and ho-risen we had a slide that we had to fill in to show our understanding in landscapes.

I learned with Mr Rule how to sketch these examples we had Flax Port hills Lake Ellesmere Canterbury plains The port hills waimakariri river

In Mr formans class i learnt about complementary colors.

Inline images 1

My Student Led Conference

How I felt about my Student Led Conference:I felt happy because my mum an dad said my hand writing was very neat and also said i should go to linking in hand writing

What was good about it: My mum said i am very good at art and she liked my portrait

What I might do different next time:The way i presented because i was very quite

 What was challenging: the way to explain my learning

What my parents thought:I was very good and after my mum let me choose dinner and i picked mc donals


What is my learning goal. my learning goal is to write a rap.
What have i learnt. i have learnt to say a rap.
What is my next step. my next step is to write and present a rap

Camp years4

W.A.L.T We are  leanring to expirexes a night away from home.

I learned  How to make a news papper tyer.

Here is a example of my learning We had to get some tape and stick the tape to the news papper and then eveybody gets on it.

Next time i will Try to get to the finish line.

swiming year4

WALT I learnt how to backstrock and breve on 123456.

I learnt How to backstrouk and rool on my side and how to do a backflifp under water.

Here is a example of my learning  You have to count to six and rounl on your side

Next time i will Swim a meater